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Plastic powder coating is the application of fused plastic particles to a surface. When a product is powder coated, a new part is created, a marriage of materials.

Established in 1959 Plastonics was a pioneer in the powder coating business and continues to remain an innovator in the industry. We've developed specialized equipment for many unique applications. Automated equipment is used when possible, to provide cost effective operations.

We offer a wide variety of plastic powder coating materials such as: nylon, vinyl polyethylene, Polypropylene, polyolefin, epoxy, polyester, High temperature Fluro-Polymer and others. Our experience and ability to choose the correct material for your unique application provides our customers with a real advantage.

In continual contact with the worlds major suppliers Plastonics maintains an updated inventory of plastic materials, state of the art processing capabilities, and a customized service facility adaptable to most production requirements.

Using Plastonics as your powder coating job shop will give your product a superior finish that is durable, attractive, economical and environmental friendly. Giving your company a value added product at a very competitive cost.

A coated part will offer a new highly protective surface which may cover sharp or rough surfaces and may reduce or even eliminate operations such as polishing, grinding and deburring.

Some of the functional advantages of our coatings are abrasion resistance, electrical or thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, low or high coefficient of friction, chemical resistance, sound deadening, and withstanding sterilization.

The decorative advantages include covering surface imperfections, creating a smooth or textured finish, a high or low gloss, creating a clear overcoat, or just getting a custom color.

Plastonics is now ISO 9001:2008 registered.

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Processes / Methods



Fluidized Bed - Powder Coating
  • A Dipping Process

  • Standard Thickness: .007" to .015" (Heavier thickness can be achieved)

  • Economical Encapsulation of Parts

  • Superior Edge Coverage

  • Materials: All Materials

Electrostatic - Powder Coating
  • A Spraying Process

  • Standard Thickness: .001" to .004" (Heavier thickness can be achieved)

  • Range of Colors, Glosses and Textures

  • Masking Capability

  • Materials: All Materials

Flo-Clad - Powder Coating
  • A Tumbling Process for smaller parts

  • Standard Thickness: .003" to .007"(Heavier thickness can be achieved)

  • Ability to Completely Encapsulate Parts


  • High Volume Production at Low Cost

  • Automation used when possible.

  • Materials: Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Polypropylene

Dip-To-A-Line - Powder Coating

  • Coating to A Specific Height

  • Standard Thickness: .007" to .015"(Heavier thickness can be achieved)

  • Automation used when possible

  • Materials: All Materials


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